Quickly & effectively identify financially vulnerable clients

Comentis provides equity release advisers and lenders with the ability to identify financially vulnerable clients consistently and objectively through a simple to deploy, clinically developed online assessment process.

Its unique assessment process flags those at risk, allowing you to deploy interventions and procedures quickly and effectively. Assessments can be discretely integrated into your existing client journeys (onboarding, application, factfind, KYC), providing a seamless experience for clients and enabling you to meet growing regulatory requirements more easily.

How it works

Through a limited number of non-invasive questions, clinically developed algorithms identify customers at risk of financial vulnerability, including resilience and capability drivers.

The assessment can be deployed as part of the advice or lending process either online via a WebApp or API’s, or through an offline process that can then be uploaded to the App. we are also able to generate client specific weblinks for assessments that can then be emailed to clients directly.

Providing a solid audit trail

Once the assessment has been completed, results are immediately generated. A comprehensive reporting & vulnerability dashboard gives you instant conduct risk and compliance oversight. You also get the option to download a more detailed report that
can be saved against a client’s record – all date & time stamped. Each result identifies:

  • Potential financial vulnerabilities & their extent
  • Whether vulnerabilities are permanent, temporary, or intermittent
  • Potential next steps & considerations

Interventions and outcomes can also be logged against each identified vulnerability, providing a complete 360degree view of vulnerable clients and actions taken.

Clinical expertise and industry credentials

What sets Comentis apart is its clinical pedigree and team of inhouse experts, each contributing years of experience in the fields of mental health assessments, clinical psychology, and mental capacity. Developed alongside financial services professionals, Comentis delivers an unrivalled solution for the identification of the financially vulnerable.

Comentis has gained support from the FCA in developing the App as part of the FCA Innovation Hub Program. They are also subject matter experts on the Vulnerability Taskforce, members of the TISA vulnerability Working Group and TisaTech and Associate Members of the APCC.

Contact details

Jonathan Barrett – CEO
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07549 013 053


Joe Paddison – Account Manager
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07496 244431